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Prerequisite: completion of a DTS

School of Biblical Christian Worldview

This school is also a part of the government ministry run by our base in London. We aim to be practical on influencing the spheres in society as we take part on the prayer meetings at Parliament.

What to Expect

A three-month innovative program designed to equip Christians to think strategically and apply these teachings in a practical way, in order to influence the spheres of society with scriptural truths.

In this school participants will learn about the seven spheres of society, main philosophies and ideologies; addressing fundamental social and political issues underline today’s society.

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Included in This Course

Areas of Study:

  • Economy & Business

  • Arts & Entertainment

  • Communication & Media

  • Religion

  • Education

  • Family

  • Government

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In my SBCW God cleaned my mind of lies that had taken space in my life. Through this process God started to develop in me a stronger worldview according to His heart. He blesses our nations when we build our lives and societies on Biblical foundations.



My SBCW went far beyond my expectation knowledge as God was dealing with my beliefs and values at its core. It became a very spiritual school. It helped me draw nearer to and grow in trust and fear of the Lord.

London City

Next 2025 (date TBC)





(payable with your application form,

non refundable)




(After Acceptance/Prior to Arrival)

Lecture Phase


This includes accommodation, food and transport fees for school activities.



Applicants from outside of the UK need to have a visa to train with us. You will need to take this into consideration and allow plenty of time to complete the application and visa process. We recommend you apply as soon

as possible.

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