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Discipleship Training School

A Discipleship Training School, or DTS, is a time set aside to deepen your relationship with God. You will learn who God is, how to hear His voice, and who you are in Him. Our mission during this time is to know God and to make Him known. You will be taking part in many different activities and evangelism in our local community.

Lecture Phase

The first three months of the DTS is known as the Lecture Phase. This is where you will be learning who God is and how to deepen your relationship with Him. You will be taught by many different teachers from around the world.


Topics typically include:

  • Hearing God’s Voice

  • The Father Heart of God

  • Inner Healing

  • Prayer & Intercession

  • Holy Spirit

  • Servant Heart

  • etc.

Alongside teachings, trainees are involved in many other activities such as: small groups, evangelism and worship & intercession.

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Outreach Phase

The last two-three months of the DTS is the Outreach Phase. This is where you will put everything you learned into practice. The outreach could be anywhere in the world, it all depends on what God has been speaking during the first three months of the school. On outreach you will be doing a number of things: working alongside local churches, other YWAM bases, street evangelism, refugee camps, orphanages, and so on.

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For me DTS was mainly about the healing of my heart. I was inspired by the people who were wholeheartedly following God.

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On my DTS I saw how my walk with God can be an everyday occurrence. I can invite Him into every area of my life. This meant that worship or cooking is the same act, it is with and for God.

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My DTS was vibrant. People cared for me and I was confronted with truth. I learned to understand how God is and acts.

Your passion: Your track

London City

28th January 2025




(payable with your application form,

non refundable)




(After Acceptance/Prior to Arrival)

Lecture Phase


This includes accommodation, food and transport fees for school activities.

Outreach Phase


(not including flights to and from

outreach destinations)



Applicants from outside of the UK need to have a visa to train with us. You will need to take this into consideration and allow plenty of time to complete the application and visa process. We recommend you apply as soon

as possible.


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